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Scented Markers

Despite finishing my Novelty Pen series, I still love collecting art supplies.  So here’s another set.

This set was from my mum at Christmas – they’re from B&M in the UK.

And they weren’t in rainbow order, so I fixed that pretty sharpish.

I did my swatch page – testing the blending and how they worked over various liners. 

I liked my little swatch test doodle so much I decided I’d make a bigger version as my art piece. 

Except that when I started colouring, it all bleached everywhere.  That’s the paper more than the pens though.

So I tested a little bit of doodling and lettering.  That kinda looked better.

And in the end I did the latest Saturday Scribble prompt and made a Zentangle rainbow egg.

I did finish the monster, although it doesn’t look great.  Maybe he’s a candidate for Follow Up Monsters

The nib on one of them started to fray, but they aren’t expensive markers.

“But Colette!”  I hear you cry.  “What about the scent?”

And yes, they are scented markers.  And they were really pleasantly surprising.  Banana smelled exactly like those banana sweets – that fake banana scent.  Mint smelled like toothpaste.  The chocolate one was pretty good too.  The rest of them were nice smells, I’m just not really sure if they smelled like what they were supposed to smell like.

I’ve just noticed that “watermelon” is spelled wrong.  I’m glad I didn’t notice that when I started this. 

Note: this blog is definitely not nearly a year late, honest. That set of pens was absolutely positively NOT a present from Christmas 2020. Honestly.

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