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Christmas Advent Colouring Book – Year 2

It took me nine months to write this post last year, so I’m doing really well. It’s astonishing this post even made it in January.

If you didn’t read that post – why not? But the short story is that I got an advent colouring book and instead of committing to a full colouring page every day in December I accepted that I’d do a little bit of each page each year until I had it filled out.

This was the second year, and unlike last year I actually got through the whole book. Some of them were done after the day they were supposed to be done, but they all got some colouring added to them, and they were all done in December too. I’m on a roll.

Days 1-3 have a before and after, showing the progress I made last year and then what I added to it this year.

Day 4 should have a before image, but for some reason I didn’t take one.

Then we’re back to before and after for days 5-17

Then days 18 to 24 don’t have a before picture, because I never got to them last year.

Some of the simpler pages will probably get finished next year (this year?). Tune in to find out.

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