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Scrawlr Box Round Up

Among the more than 100 blogs in my “Blogs to Write” folder there are more than a dozen Scrawlr Boxes. So I’m gonna bunch up a few together here. One or two will have more in depth blogs later.

If you’re part of the uninitiated, Scrawlr Box is a monthly art subscription box. And it’s very cool.

The last one I wrote about was January 2021. For some reason I skipped October, November, and December 2020. So let’s start with those.


This box had some Calli Creative Flexi Markers in gorgeous bright colours, a pencil, a couple of lining pens, and a pad of long thin sheets of paper.

Swatching went as swatching always went.

And then I got carried away making bookmark-sized pieces of art.


November was paints. But not watercolour, although it did look like it to begin with. Derwent Graphitint Paints are made from a blend of graphite and colour. They look pretty much all the same in the pan, but the colours are cool.


December’s main supply was Marabu Art Crayons – buttery-smooth, wax-based soft pastels. VERY pigmented.

JANUARY 2021 is the one I last blogged about.


I did get this box. Looking at the previous boxes section of the Scrawlr Box website, I remember the supplies. I didn’t particularly like them. But I don’t know what I’ve done with the pictures. So I’ll have to skip this one.

MARCH 2021

This one was Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pens, in a relatively limited colour palette.

APRIL 2021

I didn’t get this box – there’s a few last year and this year that I didn’t get due to finances issues. But you can find it on the previous boxes section.

MAY 2021

May was Posca pencils, which was freaking awesome. I’d just discovered the existence of these things a few weeks before.

I may have already bought myself a couple, which complemented the colour palette in the Scrawlr Box nicely.

Then swatching, and a very pretty bird.

There’s still another ten Scrawlr Boxes to go through, so I’m gonna end here and do a second round up blog in a few days.

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