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Scribble Into Art

Since I mentioned them last time, let’s do an update of my recent Scribble Into Art pieces. And by “recent” I mean all the pieces I’ve done since my last update, which was 21 months ago. Urk.

November 2020’s piece ended up with three options. I wasn’t happy with my first sketch, and then I couldn’t decide what to have the monster squirting out of his trunk.

December 2020 was a digitally done watercolour effect snake thing.

January 2021 I turned on it’s side and made into a blue monster thing. I think I also used a Colours of the Month palette.

February 2021 I turned into a floaty poofy dress.

March 2021 became a rainbow winged bat creature.

For April 2021 I couldn’t see any creatures or anything, so I wimped out and did another zentangle piece.

May 2021 is where things got a little weird, because I broke my leg. I did my sketch while I was in hospital on a lot of painkillers, and then didn’t complete the final piece until September.

June, July, and August got skipped – because of the broken leg and painkillers and general crappiness. But I do plan on getting to them at some point. Spoiler: I’ve already done a couple I think, but I’ll get to those later.

September 2021 was colourful ghosties.

October 2021 was a nice thematic witch.

I’ll leave it there and do another blog in a few days with the rest of the catch up.

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