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Time to do an update on the Animaloon Collective Twitter art challenge. My last update, like pretty much everything else, was a year ago. I’m trying to work on that.

Since then I not only did the Giraffe challenge that I missed, but I did two giraffes. Giraffi?

I didn’t do the Moose, or the Goose from the end of 2021.

I did do Mythical from January 2022.

And I did the Otter from February. For this one I actually followed a YouTube tutorial by BeeJayDeL.

(Yes, by this stage I have completely given up even trying to make balloons anymore.)

March was a Wombat.

April was a Beetle.

May was a Lion. I did a very specific lion, can you tell who he is?

June was a Panda.

For July’s Mole I did a bunch of sketches from random images on Pinterest and covered it with a gradient coloured clipping mask.

I liked that style so much I did the same thing for August’s Flamingo.

I had to do a full illustration for September’s Gecko though cos they’re just so damned cute.

I plan to catch up on the ones I’ve missed, so I’ll probably do the clipping mask sketches for those. They’re fun.

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