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Colour Collective Update

Since I’ve started blogging again (and keeping up with it so far, yay me) I’ve updated you on the Animaloonies challenge I do regularly, and the Animal Alphabets one, and the Scribble Into Art one. But there are more art challenges that I do regularly, so lets update you on another one.

The Colour Collective is a Twitter that posts a pair of colours every week, for you to use as a palette and post your art on the Friday. The last update I did was a year ago – I’m really good at this blogging thing.

These are going to be in no particular order, because until recently I just collected them and used them randomly, rather than doing them every week.

I did a couple of pieces where I used two palettes.

Then in July I decided that since I’d collected a whole bunch of palettes that I still hadn’t used, I’d start a series.

I embarked on a Zentangle Colour Collective Alphabet. Each letter has the first colour of a palette as its main colour, then a Zentangle pattern over the top in the second colour, with the pattern name beginning with that letter.

I’m not complete yet, but I have used all the colour palettes I’d collected, so now I’ll be doing them weekly as new ones are released.

And that’s up to date! Except…. that when sorting through all my images I found these three palettes.

I could have sworn I’d done all of them, but I have no corresponding art for these three in the blog folder. It’s possible I just forgot to copy them, so I’ll have a look through my Procreate and do another post later.

3 responses to “Colour Collective Update”

  1. I think the P and Q have gotta be my favourite for colour/pattern combos


    1. I’m really loving some of the colour combos – but some just don’t really work for this particular purpose. The Q reminds me of eggs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] I last updated you about the Colour Collective Twitter challenge, there have been a lot of weeks, and therefore a lot […]


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