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Cloud Doodles

At some point in the distant past I collected this image from Pinterest.

And I thought that it was a really cute art idea. I made a note to take some photos of clouds next time I went out.

Except that I have multiple conditions that means I don’t go out a lot. Or at all really.

So it took about six months for me to get any ph0tos to use. I mean, I could have just downloaded some, but I wanted to do it myself for some unknown reason.

In October we went to Paris for my 40th birthday and while we were there the weather was just right for cloud pictures.

And when we got back it only took me 6 weeks to actually do some doodles.

I do like how they turned out though. Very cute.

There are more cloud photos sitting on my iPad waiting to be doodled on one day. Perhaps you’ll see them.

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