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Animal Alphabets

It’s been so long since my last Animal Alphabets update that not only have I finished the Breeds series, but we’re more than halfway through the new series too.

First up, let’s finish the Breeds series. I left you after N for Narrangansett Turkey.

I’m just gonna pause here. Because around letter U, I got a private message from the Animal Alphabets account.

This was a huge surprise and I was incredibly flattered! In case you’re wondering; when a letter is announced it is accompanied by a guest illustration. Like this…

I agreed, almost immediately. And picked X to give myself some extra time. And I’m so proud of what I did – even if I’ve never heard of that particular breed of dog.

So here’s the whole animal breeds alphabet.

I’m gonna leave the current series for the next blog post. I really am. I promise. I’m gonna write and schedule it right now, and not leave it months and months.

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