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Scrawlr – January 2022

I haven’t gotten a Scrawlr Box in several months now – partly cost, and partly because the contents were more often not-so interesting to me. But I do have a few old boxes sitting in my blog folder waiting to be posted about.

Because of the hit-or-miss nature of the contents, I’ve been waiting until boxes are out & revealed and then buying them from the Previous Boxes shop if I’m interested. Unfortunately this isn’t gonna be an option much longer cos they’re closing the Previous Boxes shop.

January 2022 is one of the boxes I bought because I really wanted to try these Karin Pigment DecoBrush Markers.

The featured artist print is pretty cool too.

The markers were cool – and if someone were to buy me the full set I’d be over the moon – but my favourite bit of this box was the Micron pen – I LOVE chunky lining pens.

I do need to work on my blending when I use these markers again though. I’m getting out of the habit of traditional art.

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