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First Attempt at Air Dry Clay

For Christmas last year I got given this cute little craft set – I love craft kits of all levels. And this one was particularly interesting because I’ve never used air dry clay before. Well, perhaps as a kid, but not in my memory.

The instructions were nice and clear…

…and the clay looked like marshmallow fluff.

My modelling skills are not great. My first snowman was… butt ugly.

While doing the second one I discovered that once you press one colour of clay into another it does not like coming off if you’ve put it in the wrong place.

But my second snowman was a lot cuter.

And I used the remnants to make some cute faces.

After leaving them the recommended time to dry they were still utterly soft. After twice the recommended time they were done. On the outside at least.

They stuck to my cutting board, and the bottoms were very pliable. I could push indents into them easily.

I guess that kinda makes sense – they need the air to dry and where they were stuck to the board there was no air getting to them.

So I laid them on their sides to dry fully.

It took a bit more time, but they were eventually done.

The butt-ugly one may have accidentally ended up in the bin.

This particular clay leaves a very strange result. It feels really light, like polystyrene. That might not be strange I guess, but it is to me. The most important thing though is that I had fun, and I might look into trying air dry clay again.

2 responses to “First Attempt at Air Dry Clay”

  1. That’s a really cute kit idea. Love the little extra faces you made too


    1. Thank you! And thank you so much for commenting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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