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In the last update I appear to have forgotten to actually upload September’s Gecko that I mentioned at the end. So here’s that:

Reminder: I stopped making them into balloons aaaaggeees ago. I just use them as prompts now.

October 2022 was a Camel.

November was Boar, and December was Impala, neither of which I got around to and they don’t overly inspire me so they’ve gone into the “I might do one day” folder.

I do actually use that folder. Here’s a Cricket I did.

January was Extinct – and I drew a dodo. The great thing about extinct animals is that no one can tell me they weren’t rainbow.

I have done February and March for 2023, but they kinda start a new series so I might make another blog post for them. I’m gonna write that right now and you’ll see it on Wednesday. I promise.

2 responses to “Animaloonies”

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