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Animaloonies Week – blog 3 of 3

When I wrote Monday’s post I had no intention of turning this into an Animaloonies Week. And then I decided to move the new series into a separate post – which made two.

And since I knew there was a third Animaloonies topic I wanted to address at some point, and I’m trying to do three posts a week… well Animaloonies Week made sense.

So what is blog 3 about? Well, it’s actually about all the Twitter art challenges I do. As well as Animaloonies, there’s also Scrawlr Sketch, Animal Alphabets, Pinch Punch Post, and Friday Doodle Club (which is actually an Instagram art challenge).

Occasionally there’ll be a cross over with prompts. There’s only so many animals in the world. Which brings me to my question:

If I do a goose for Animal Alphabets, can I also count that goose for an old Animaloonies prompt?

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