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Krylon Leafing Pen

For Christmas (in 2021) my boyfriend got me a Krylon Silver Leafing Pen.

He had seen it on Amazon and figured I’d love one, so he got it. He was right. It was already on my wishlist, along with the gold and the rose gold versions.

It comes just like a paint pen, it needs priming. Much shaking and pumping.

And it is very shiny. Hard to photograph shiny.

It also takes a while to dry, so beware of smudging.

The nib frazzled easily – which was a little annoying for a £15 pen.

But it is soooo pretty. I’m not sure paper art is it’s best use, but that’s what I start with for most new supplies.

It’s a little tricky to draw over. A Faber-Castell fineliner and a Sharpie both struggled.

So did white gel and paint pens – although that might be because I am cursed when it comes to white pens. I did get decent coverage with other Poscas though.

Cute, but not great. So I moved on to a different project.

This was going to be part of a “How Many Ways Can You Make A Snowflake?” Christmas series that has been pushed back many many years now, so it may make another appearance in the future.

Again, cute. But I’m a little underwhelmed by the pen.

I’m pretty sure I did not use the pen properly, or to it’s best quality. It was very shiny but I imagine if I did some research I could’ve done something spectacular with it.

There’s still some paint/leaf/ink stuff left in there, maybe I’ll have another go with it at some point. With research first.

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