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Invest In Your Joy

Similar to my Who Wants To Be a Girl Boss? post, this one is inspired by a social media post.

It’s a really interesting question. Some of the responses to the original tweet were fun to read. There were some ideas on there I hadn’t considered, and some that are more concepts than others. Like “extra time” and “motivation”.

A lot of people had things along the same theme – an assistant. For business/marketing stuff mostly. To do the things the creator doesn’t like.

Here’s my list:

1 – a heavy duty corner punch. I’ve always loved rounded corners, and so far I’ve always used little hand punches.

2 – a proper, good quality paper cutter. I’d like a nice guillotine one, but I can’t afford a decent one. For now I will continue to use semi-decent trimmers.

3 – an iPad pro. I love my iPad, but sometimes the limited layers gets a little annoying. I’d appreciate the size and power increase that would come with an iPad pro.

4 – someone to do my product photography, my listings, and my marketing stuff. I hate all that.

What about you? How would you invest in your joy?

3 responses to “Invest In Your Joy”

  1. In an absolute idea world, I think my top four would be:

    1. A dedicated desk with build in drawers, so I’m not trying to swap around my computer set-up for a flat crafting space.

    2. Someone to handle the photography and posting section. I can do the writing, but sticking to a schedule and trying to get the right lighting/angles is a no go.

    3. Some sort of cubbyhole or drawer system to actually organise my yarn, instead of having it all in one drawer.

    4. Magic gloves of some kind, so I’ll stop gluing or stabbing my fingers

    I like the idea of a guillotine paper cutter, but I know how clumsy I am, so I stick with my rotary trimmer


    1. Great answers. Magic gloves would be awesome – as long as they didn’t feel like you were wearing gloves. I get too hot and sweaty for gloves.


      1. I need something with the dexterity of skin tight gloves, but without the stickiness and powder plastic gloves have


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