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The Last Colour Collective Update?

Since I last updated you about the Colour Collective Twitter challenge, there have been a lot of weeks, and therefore a lot of colours.

I used the three palettes I’d found that I hadn’t done for the next three letters in the Zentangle Colour Collective Alphabet.

And then I returned to the normal weekly palettes.

I moved on to numbers after that.

It was around now when I realised I’d made an error.

When I do these challenges, every time I have four completed ones I’d make a little grid collage, like this…

With the intention of compiling those compilations when the series is complete. Like this…

See the problem?

Well, I couldn’t leave it like that. Things had to be in order. So I redid all the compilations – with lots of head scratching and calculating. And then compiled all the new compilations.

Isn’t that better?

Since the end of that series, there have been two more Colour Collective palettes.

Since then there have been no posts on the Colour Collective Twitter channel, which is why this blog post has the title it does. It might be back one day, who knows?

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