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Another Lost Twitter Challenge

Following on from Monday’s post about the Colour Collective challenge on twitter no longer posting, today’s post is a round up of the Colours of the Month challenge, which has also stopped posting.

My last update for this challenge was back in September.

October’s colours got combined with a Scribble Into Art challenge to make a Zentangle piece.

November’s colours got combined with December’s colours, and the Scribble Into Art challenges from November and December too. Multitasking for the win!

January had no colours, and then the colours for February were nice and Valentine themed – along with lots of advertising to buy the markers.

Since then there’s been no Colours of the Month posts. But I have done the four palettes that I had left that I’d skipped.

Maybe the Colours of the Month challenge will be back one day, maybe not. It’s not like I don’t have ten million other art ideas anyway 🙂

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