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New Markers!

Ohuhu make some of my favourite alcohol markers. The colour range is awesome, the pens are great, the price is perfect. The only annoying thing for me is the inability to replace a single pen.

Recently they released a new series of markers called the Kaala Art Markers. I can’t remember which of the art YouTubers I follow posted about it first, but as soon as I saw it I needed some.

You can get the Kaala markers in four different packs (images from the Ohuhu website)

I really wanted the Basic Tones or the Illustration Tones, but when I had the money the Illustration Tones weren’t available and I could afford the 60 pack rather than the 24 pack, so I got the Landscape Tones set.

According to the Ohuhu website these markers have…

The chisel nib is apparently 1.5mm longer than their previous range. I guess that’s important, but I don’t know how.

None of that was really important to me. They do feel good though.

They came in a really random order, and after I’d arranged them by number code I did a swatch sheet.

Some of the names are a little odd.

But markers! I did my traditional monster test…

..and then I did a Gonk. Because I like Gonks, and it was still the holiday season when I did it.

And just like every time I do some traditional art I decided I need to do more of it. I definitely need to do more Gonks.

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