It’s (Nearly) Desert Bus Time Again

It’s nearly that time of year. When big-hearted nerds the world over gather around phones, laptops and computers to watch more big-hearted nerds do silly things for a week straight to entertain us. That’s a pretty good description of Desert Bus, but a more accurate one is that it’s the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser, … Continue reading “It’s (Nearly) Desert Bus Time Again”

Another Desert Bus Success

Desert Bus 2019 ran for a record 162 hours – from 8am PST on Friday November 8th, to 2am PST on Friday November 15th.  And it was freaking awesome! It was a week of chaos, music, dancing, hilarity, tiredness, emotions, crafted gorgeousness, comedy, nerdiness, and just general madness.  I tried to watch as much of … Continue reading “Another Desert Bus Success”

Desert Bus Rides Again

Two years ago I wrote about Desert Bus, a week-ish long nerdy fundraiser on Twitch.  Since then I’ve found that they’ve done a cool little “What is Desert Bus” video that explains it a whole lot better than I could…   In 2016 I made some place mats for their craft-along, which raised $444.44 for … Continue reading “Desert Bus Rides Again”

Desert Bus

In approximately 4 hours, an internet-based fundraiser called Desert Bus for Hope begins its 10th year.  I’ll let them explain it to you in detail, but the upshot is that for several days (the more money they raise, the longer they play) a bunch of volunteers play the world’s most boring computer game whilst simultaneously … Continue reading “Desert Bus”