Origami Cubes

The other day I posted a picture on my Instagram feed of my latest origami obsession.

They are called sonobe cubes, because they’re made of sonobe modules.

2017-04-04 08.25.37

I didn’t know that when I first made one though.

About a year ago I was at a craft fair with my friend Cayden.  It was a VERY quiet fair, and we ended up chatting with the people at the stall next to us.  The mother of the stallholder admired the origami pieces on our table, and showed us how to make this.

2016-05-10 19.32.51.jpg

Cayden is a lot like me, in the sense that when we learn something new we have to do it over and over and over.  When we got home from the fair we made cube after cube until we had it down pat.  And then I kept making it.

2016-05-10 19.33.18

2016-05-15 14.28.13

2016-06-09 15.19.45

The Instagram picture is actually of very slightly different looking cubes, because I found out that there are slightly different ways to fold sonobe modules.  This means of course that I now have to discover all of them.  I’m also really interested in what else you can make with sonobe modules.

Expect more sonobe.


Embroidery – correction

The other day I wrote about my first embroidery piece.  Since then I’ve been sorting through all my craft projects and I found this picture…

button buddies

… of something I did way back in 2011, which I suppose would be my first embroidery piece.

Also, although I wrote and posted that other post with the bunnies a few days ago, I actually stitched the bunnies in October.  And I’ve done an embroidery piece since then.

2016-12-16 19.11.48

I’ve even already blogged about him.

So, to clarify.  Button buddies = 1st embroidery piece.  Bunnies = 2nd embroidery piece. Rudolph = 3rd embroidery piece.

Picking Up Embroidery

I’ve been cross stitching for longer than I can remember.  Literally.  I don’t remember being taught.  I’ve just always been able to do it.  I’ve done some blackworking too, which I love…


One thing I’ve not really branched into is embroidery.  I’ve made attempts here and there.  I have this unfinished flower in my WIPs box…

2016-10-20 17.10.48

And I challenged myself to do Bad Ass Cross Stitch’s Year of Stitch last year, but I got four weeks in and had troubles with a stitch and have been putting it off since.  I’ll get back to it eventually.

The thing is, embroidery is something I WANT to do.  I’d love to be able to create wonderful pieces.  So when I saw this ridiculously easy piece, I thought… I can do that.

And I did do it…

2016-10-20 12.21.32

… but I learned a few things along the way.

First of all – don’t do it on stretch fabric.  Not as a first piece anyway.  That was a very silly mistake.  Secondly, while I have a habit of continuing cross stitch with a tiny knot in the thread, like this… (excuse blurry picture)…

2016-10-12 15.27.42

…you can’t embroider with those knots.  Thirdly, I need to work on my stitch consistency.  Fourthly, I probably used the wrong stitch anyway.  I glanced at the original image and assumed back stitch, but having done my version in back stitch I looked back at the original and I think it was probably something else.

I did learn some useful things though.  For instance – I learned one method of how to transfer an embroidery image on to fabric.  I know a few methods now actually.  I don’t think I’ll use this one next time; I had trouble getting the ink out afterwards.

I’m going attempt this bunny project again.  But first I’m going to do a few more weeks of Year of Stitch.  And I’m going to finish that flower too.

Christmas Haul

I know, I’m a little late in posting.  I’ve been a wee bit distracted since December.  But I got a lot of lovely crafty supplies for Christmas.

My colouring book collection got a big boost…

…and I got a whole load of gel pens to use in them.

2016-12-25 18.08.43

My yarn stash is a wee bit larger too.

I got plenty of little random crafty bits…

…a few cross stitch kits…

…and a few other craft kits.

I received this utterly adorable Christmas in a Tin, which had 2 different activities inside it.

The little wooden tree was adorable, although the jump rings supplied were a little bit.

The snowman was even more adorable.

2017-01-04 16.48.17

Happy New Year

2016 was the second year of existence for Crafted By Colette, and the first year of this blog.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I did a lot of good things too.  It’s been a fun experience, and I have lots of plans for the new year.

The biggest plan is to be more regular with the blog posts and the newsletters.  The second plan is to get the rest of my stock up on the site.  There are so many beautiful things sitting on my shelves waiting to be sold, that I haven’t uploaded yet.

Mostly, my plan is to keep crafting.  Thanks for all your support this year 🙂


25 Crafts of Christmas -Day 25

Here it is!  Only 6 days overdue, too.  I said at the start of this that I might well do more than 25 days, and I kinda have.  I have a few more crafts to write about, but I have fulfilled my original obligation 🙂

Day 25 is an old Christmas favourite – paper chains.  It’s something I used to do every year with my little sister, but she grew up and lost the Christmas spirit.  So this year I’m doing it by myself.

I got out some of my craft paper…


…folded each piece into quarters…


…and cut them all into strips.


After that it was the easy bit.  Loops and cellotape.


25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 24

Day 24 uses a kit I got for Christmas, which was after the 24th, but we’ll ignore that for now.


It’s a cute little kit, nice and simple.  It comes with everything you need to make two little 3D felt trees.

Step 1: lay everything out.


Step 2: Apply bits and pieces to one side of each of the tree shapes, making a hell of a mess, because you are apparently a toddler.


Step 3: Wait overnight for the glue to dry, turn the trees over and apply bits and pieces to the other side.


Step 4: Wait overnight again for the glue to dry, thread twine through the top for hanging loops, assemble trees.


Step 5: Admire sleeping kitty in the background 🙂