More Snowflakes

One of the projects I had planned for the 12 Days of Christmas series that never happened, was to make some snowflakes with my 3D pen.  The tradition it represented was the paper snowflakes I make every year and that I wrote about recently.

I collected a lot of snowflake images from the interwebs, and printed about 60 of them in various sizes.  Then I got out that very large spool of conveniently white filament that I bought.

2019-12-18 20.23.49

After a quick test to make sure the filament would come off the paper once set, I completed my first one.  I love how the melted filament looks like icing.

2019-12-18 20.31.26.jpg

I did a few more, including this one which was so delicate that peeling the paper off was terrifying.

2019-12-18 21.19.36.jpg

After I’d done a few I set to work trimming off the many many many strings from where I’d stopped extruding the filament at the end of lines.

2019-12-18 22.25.35

This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  And after an hour of work I decided I’d give up.  Making the snowflakes is much more fun that trying to clip off tiny strings without breaking the snowflakes.  So I had a batch of slightly hairy snowflakes.  But they’re still very pretty.

2019-12-18 22.37.39

I decided I was going to have another try, attempting to not stop and start.  I did pretty well with the first one, and the only string left at the end was easy to cut off.

2019-12-18 22.42.59.jpg

I went to add a loop, so I could hang it on my Christmas tree, and realised that drawing one with the pen would probably look better.  So I did another one of these cute little ones.  I forgot the loop.  I remembered it on the third try though.

2019-12-18 23.02.15

For the second two, I pressed the string down with my finger as soon as I stopped extruding and that helped minimise the strings.  So I figured I could try that with a more complicated one – stopping at the end of each line to make it neater, and pressing down the string before it solidifies.  It kinda worked.

2019-12-18 23.02.34

But it was a lot easier to just do a continuous stream of filament.  So I did some more.

2019-12-18 23.19.54

And then some more.  They’re kinda addictive.

2019-12-19 11.24.06

I didn’t use all 60 templates, but I think I made enough.  And they’re so pretty!  I do love snowflakes.

2019-12-19 11.25.05


Merry Christmas!

I used the December Colours of the Month

… to draw this adorable little Rudolph.  And then I turned it into a digital card to wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah and whatever else you celebrate.

I appreciate and love all of you.  Happy Holidays!


Christmas Scratch Art

One of the things I showed you in my craft haul post was this neat little Christmas scratch art set.

2019-11-29 14.00.01

It was nothing fancy, but then I didn’t expect anything more for just £2.

2019-12-21 15.47.06

And it did come with things to punch out.  I always love that.

2019-12-21 15.56.01

I had a bit of fun fiddling around with the stencil and general doodling.

2019-12-21 16.35.20

And then, of course, I did monsters.

2019-12-21 16.35.11

As I said, it was nothing fancy.  But it kept me busy for half an hour.  And it was a nice bit of nostalgia.  We used to do these little kits all the time as children.  I don’t recall them making quite so much mess though.

Die Cutting Experiments

I have collected a few new bits and pieces for my adorable little die cutting machine.  You might have seen some of the them in my craft haul post, but I’ve got some more since then.

I got a nice spotty embossing folder, but unfortunately it’s too wide for my little dinky machine.

2019-12-02 11.36.24

I did know this before I bought it, but I’d read online that you could cut them to size.  So I got just the one folder to test this theory out.

I laid one of the plates over the top as a template.  Originally I was just gonna do one cut, but that would change the little hump of no dots in the centre of the pattern.  It would also leave me with one hinge.  So I moved the plate to the centre and settled on two cuts.

I put little marks to indicate the desired width, and got out a metal ruler and a craft knife.  It took a few cuts, but it wasn’t too difficult.

And it embosses just fine.  See.

2019-12-02 11.51.02

So I bought some more.

I cut these ones down too.  I discovered that after scoring with the craft knife it was relatively easy to cut with strong scissors.

2019-12-19 20.53.46

I’ve also amassed a couple of die sets.

I have a few more sets on the way too.  Including some Christmassy themed ones, which unfortunately didn’t arrive before I had to make my Christmas cards.  But I did pretty well nonetheless.

I’ve also learned that you need to be really careful when ordering cutting dies, because people also sell die cuts.  Luckily this mistake only cost me £1.80.

2019-12-19 20.54.19

How do you adhere these fiddly things?  If I was cutting them myself, I’d put double sided tape on the back of the card before I cut (another tip from the internet), but this was madness.  I made a total mess with a glue stick with the first one.  For the others, after a bit of research, I used a toothpick and some PVA glue.

More die cutting experiments to come!


One of my lovely internet friends has made an unboxing video about me!  It’s the first unboxing video of my stuff, and I’m super happy.

You should go look at it.  Admire her lovely accent, and my adorable art.

Speaking of CrazyComicLady and adorable art, she does some too.  She does a comic, as if you couldn’t guess, over on her DeviantArt page – all about her adorable fairies characters.  Go read that too, because who doesn’t love fairies.

I’ve actually done fan art of one of CrazyComicLady’s fairies.  This is Portobello.

2019-10-12 12.22.34

I love her stripy socks.  I used washi tape for those, and for her outfit.  It was done during Washiween, but isn’t really Halloween themed.  Do you think it counts as a Washiween piece?

Portobello was created 5 years ago!

That baffles me.  That and all these 2009 vs 2019 posts that artists are making at the moment.  I don’t have any art from five years ago, let alone from 2009.  I only started drawing in 2017, and only started original stuff in 2018.  Madness.  Maybe I’ll do a 2018 vs 2028 post in 8 years.

See Colette, no one even noticed the massive smudge of marker ink on Portobello’s wing.

2019-10-11 21.27.43


Another Line Art Swap

In October, my friend Nina helped me complete a goal and did a line art swap with me.  When I showed you what she did with my line art a couple of weeks ago I teased that there might be another swap for Christmas.

We decided that once again we’d draw each other’s characters, in a seasonal outfit.  This time we settled on a chibi style – because I’m kinda into drawing chibi at the moment.

I put her character Marie into a little elf-style outfit.  I do love stripes.  Once again, it was really hard to resist actually colouring it.

2019-12-09 19.15.07

And she drew my character Katerina running with a mug of drink, which seems awfully risky to me.  But Katerina is a wild thing.  Just look at those pompoms!  They’re so cute!

2019-12-13 20.21.21

I coloured her with alcohol markers.  I was using a card I’d never used before, so I printed two onto the page in case I messed up the first one.  Luckily I did, because right as I finished one of my cats came in from the rain and walked muddy paw prints over the spare one.

2019-12-17 14.52.45

2019-12-17 14.52.41

2019-12-17 23.49.18

I’m so pleased with her.  Don’t ask me what she’s drinking, I have no idea.  It could be anything.

Here’s what Nina did with my line art.  It’s one of her first alcohol marker pieces.  Isn’t it brilliant?

2019-12-20 16.42.01

Should Nina and I keep doing line art swaps?  Maybe a Valentines one?  A St Patrick’s day one?  Any other ideas?


November Colour of the Month

November’s Colours of the Month were very pretty, and included silver.

2019-11-02 01.01.24

I did a really pretty little peacock, which I’m very happy with.

2019-11-18 18.25.33-1

Then I saw this tweet from the Marker Universe account.

I’ve been drawing a lot of robots this year, for my self imposed challenge to draw 100 robots in a year.  You’ll see a round up for that in a few weeks.  And this little guy is so adorable.  I just had to do some fan art.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the proportions for my first attempt.

2019-11-29 11.39.45

My second attempt was better, but then I ruined it with the colours and colouring.

2019-11-29 11.39.56

My third attempt though was pretty perfect 🙂

2019-11-29 11.39.12

I shared him on all my social medias: DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  And of course I tagged the original artist.  They seem to like it.

2019-11-29 18.12.48