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A place for me to ramble about my art and crafting exploits.

  • My First Artists Alley

    In just under 46 hours the doors open for the very first Basingstoke Comic Con. And at the same time a new adventure begins for Crafted by Colette. I’ve wanted to table at a convention since before I was an artist. Since the first time I went to a convention – UK Games Expo. The… Continue reading

  • May is a Busy Month

    May 2023 is a busy month for a lot of people. There are a lot of bank holidays, and some dude is having a big party cos he’s a king apparently. In the art world there’s a lot going on too. MerMay is a big art challenge. One I’ve partaken (partook?) in before. Two of… Continue reading

  • New Markers!

    Ohuhu make some of my favourite alcohol markers. The colour range is awesome, the pens are great, the price is perfect. The only annoying thing for me is the inability to replace a single pen. Recently they released a new series of markers called the Kaala Art Markers. I can’t remember which of the art… Continue reading

  • Making My Own Washi Tape

    I like washi tape. I have a small collection – by which I mean that I have a HUGE collection. I use washi tape in packing my store orders. I use washi tape in my planner. I use washi tape in my art. And one day I want to be able to justify ordering custom… Continue reading

  • Another Lost Twitter Challenge

    Following on from Monday’s post about the Colour Collective challenge on twitter no longer posting, today’s post is a round up of the Colours of the Month challenge, which has also stopped posting. My last update for this challenge was back in September. October’s colours got combined with a Scribble Into Art challenge to make… Continue reading

  • The Last Colour Collective Update?

    Since I last updated you about the Colour Collective Twitter challenge, there have been a lot of weeks, and therefore a lot of colours. I used the three palettes I’d found that I hadn’t done for the next three letters in the Zentangle Colour Collective Alphabet. And then I returned to the normal weekly palettes.… Continue reading

  • Invest In Your Joy

    Similar to my Who Wants To Be a Girl Boss? post, this one is inspired by a social media post. It’s a really interesting question. Some of the responses to the original tweet were fun to read. There were some ideas on there I hadn’t considered, and some that are more concepts than others. Like… Continue reading

  • Who Wants To Be A Girl Boss?

    A couple of weeks ago Emily Harvey posted this reel on her Instagram feed. I commented on it… …and then thought that it might be a good blog topic. The internet is flooded with social media posts and blogs proclaiming to tell you how the creator made seventy billion pounds overnight, or gained six trillion… Continue reading

  • Krylon Leafing Pen

    For Christmas (in 2021) my boyfriend got me a Krylon Silver Leafing Pen. He had seen it on Amazon and figured I’d love one, so he got it. He was right. It was already on my wishlist, along with the gold and the rose gold versions. It comes just like a paint pen, it needs… Continue reading

  • Animaloonies Week – blog 3 of 3

    When I wrote Monday’s post I had no intention of turning this into an Animaloonies Week. And then I decided to move the new series into a separate post – which made two. And since I knew there was a third Animaloonies topic I wanted to address at some point, and I’m trying to do… Continue reading

  • Animaloonies Week – blog 2 of 3

    As I mentioned the other day, I may have started a new series with the prompts for February and March. It was a complete accident. February’s prompt was Chicken, and here’s what I did. I showed my partner Tom, because I show him all my art, and he said it looked like one of my… Continue reading

  • Animaloonies

    In the last update I appear to have forgotten to actually upload September’s Gecko that I mentioned at the end. So here’s that: Reminder: I stopped making them into balloons aaaaggeees ago. I just use them as prompts now. October 2022 was a Camel. November was Boar, and December was Impala, neither of which I… Continue reading

  • Zentangle Collab

    Last year I wrote a blog post calling all doodlers to join me in doing a Zentangle collaboration piece. I drew a framework… … with the intention that myself and three other artists would each take a corner and fill it with Zentangles or doodles. I’d then recompile the four corners and we’d have a… Continue reading

  • First Attempt at Air Dry Clay

    For Christmas last year I got given this cute little craft set – I love craft kits of all levels. And this one was particularly interesting because I’ve never used air dry clay before. Well, perhaps as a kid, but not in my memory. The instructions were nice and clear… …and the clay looked like… Continue reading

  • Scrawlr – January 2022

    I haven’t gotten a Scrawlr Box in several months now – partly cost, and partly because the contents were more often not-so interesting to me. But I do have a few old boxes sitting in my blog folder waiting to be posted about. Because of the hit-or-miss nature of the contents, I’ve been waiting until… Continue reading

  • Animal Alphabets

    See, I told you I’d write the second post right away. The current series of the Animal Alphabets challenge on Twitter is Animals in Situations. It’s a little weird one, and I haven’t really been doing the situations. But I have been doing the animals. (had to do a this specific bear, and he looks… Continue reading

  • Animal Alphabets

    It’s been so long since my last Animal Alphabets update that not only have I finished the Breeds series, but we’re more than halfway through the new series too. First up, let’s finish the Breeds series. I left you after N for Narrangansett Turkey. I’m just gonna pause here. Because around letter U, I got… Continue reading

  • Cloud Doodles

    At some point in the distant past I collected this image from Pinterest. And I thought that it was a really cute art idea. I made a note to take some photos of clouds next time I went out. Except that I have multiple conditions that means I don’t go out a lot. Or at… Continue reading

  • Happy New Year!

    2022 was a hell of a year – in good ways and in bad ways. Here’s hoping for a peaceful, quiet, uneventful 2023. Continue reading

  • Merry Christmas Everyone

    Happy holidays to all who celebrate, whatever you celebrate. And if you don’t, then happy Sunday. And here’s one for those who aren’t so jolly. Continue reading

  • Small Robots

    One of my favourite Twitter accounts is Small Robots. All about very simple but adorable small single-purpose robots. Like this one: I’ve done some Small Robots fan art in the past, like the collection of them I did for my 100 Robots challenge in 2019. So when I was scrolling through the feed to find… Continue reading

  • Velvet Art Monsters

    I picked up this little pack of velvet art images from The Works for just a couple of quid. Do you remember velvet art posters? They used to be everywhere when I was a kid – way back in the dark ages of the 1980s and 1990s. They were usually large poster sized pieces of… Continue reading

  • Halloween Art Collab

    I’ve done a few art collaborations with Nina before. She’s very talented, and fun to work with. The last one we did was a Valentine’s one back in 2020. But after a couple of years we decided it was time for another one. For Halloween, we swapped a basic scribble. The only rules were Halloween-themed,… Continue reading

  • Follow Up Monsters

    I used to do a semi-series where I’d take one of the monsters I do when swatching new art supplies, and redo it in a fancier, more polished way. While sorting my blog folders recently I found a few that were waiting to be blogged. Some of these I look at now and think I… Continue reading

  • Earlyween Results

    Back at the start of September I told you about my Halloween art concept called Earlyween and showed you my first piece My original goal was to do 13 pieces, and select 9 to make a sticker range. But September kind of got away from me and in the end I only did nine pieces.… Continue reading