I Have My Own Species!

So, last week I did a blog post about what an Open Species was.  There was a reason for that.

I’ve been drawing these little dome monsters for as long as I’ve been able to draw.

That’s not even a small percentage of the ones I’ve done.  I draw them when I’m doodling, or when I’m testing new art supplies.  I draw them all the time.

And I’ve been thinking for a while now about making them an official species.  When I was trying to decide what to do for Cozy Con, all of a sudden now seemed like a really good time to get around to it.

So here they are.  Allow me to present the Domun.  Complete with a handy guide on how to draw them.

how to draw a domun

I’d love to see if you decide to draw one.  In fact, there might be a contest about that coming up tomorrow.

I’m CraftedByColette on Facebook, Deviant Art and Instagram, and I’m @By_Colette on Twitter (because CraftedByColette wouldn’t fit).



Prizes to Win

I’m going to be running two contests for Cozy Con.  There’ll be an art contest which begins on Friday, and a scavenger hunt which begins next Wednesday.

For both contests the prize is a goody bag, and I thought I’d show you what you can win.

2020-04-22 15.21.20

There’s a “redacted” label because I’m an idiot.  I thought I’d covered the code, but only discovered once I’d put everything away that I was wrong.

So what’s in there?

  • A mini alien plushie.  You can select any one you like from any of the four listings I have.
  • A discount coupon for 25% off, which you can use once at any time during the next year.
  • A crocheted zipper pouch.  I have two different ones of these, so you can pick which you’d like.  I’ll flip a coin to see which of the two winners gets to pick first.

2020-04-22 15.22.49

  • An A5 art print.  It doesn’t need to be BB8.  You can pick any one you want from my store.
  • A set of six vinyl monster stickers.
  • A rainbow heart keyring.
  • A floppy disk Hama bead charm.  Again, I have two of these, so you can pick.

2020-04-22 15.23.15

  • A one of a kind monster badge, and a one of a kind monster keyring.  You can pick whichever ones you want from my store.  If you’d prefer two badges or two keyrings, I can accommodate that too.
  • A Hama bead bunny creature.  I can add a magnet to the back if you want, or add a loop so that you can hang it, or you can just mount it on the wall.  Or use it as a coaster.  Once again, I have two of these for you to pick from.

2020-04-22 15.23.02

More than £25 worth of my products, you lucky ducks 🙂  Make sure you come back and check out my contests.


Free Colouring Page

I was designing a grid of my little dome monsters recently, and realised that the uncoloured piece would be a really nice colouring page if anyone wanted to try it.


I’ve coloured it twice.  I couldn’t decide whether to do it digitally or traditionally, so I did both.

This is actually the second colouring page I’ve released – after my Wall-E and Eve piece back in October.

Feel free to have a go.  Let me know what you come up with 🙂

Share it with me here, or on one of my social medias. I’m CraftedByColette on Facebook, Deviant Art and Instagram, and I’m @By_Colette on Twitter (because CraftedByColette wouldn’t fit).


Sunday Studies

As with Tutorial Tuesdays and Figure Fridays (which I haven’t actually posted about yet), one of my goals for improving my art this year is to do studies every Sunday.  Also as with the others, I know myself enough to know that I’m not going to do one EVERY Sunday, but it’s a goal to aim for.

So far I did a bunch of wings as part of Faebruary,

2020-02-11 23.08.32

and then a bunch of mouths after I spent ages trying to draw a mouth for one digital fairy and ended up tracing one instead.

2020-02-17 02.09.57

I haven’t been doing this one very regularly – I keep forgetting about it to be honest.  But by the end of March I’d set a reminder on my phone.

I did some profile faces, which for some reason I always wanna call portrait.

2020-03-23 09.19.53

And I’ve done some wolf/dog poses – because of reasons you’ll see eventually.

2020-04-05 18.06.06

Today is the 16th Sunday of 2020, and I’ve done 4 studies so far.  I may or may not do one today, I don’t know yet.  It’s a good job I decided from the start that I didn’t have to do it every week.

Cozy Con Announcement

COZY CON IS COMING!!  May 2nd and 3rd 2020

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, events are being cancelled all over.  No sports events, no weddings, no conventions.

One of the big goals I have for Crafted By Colette is to be a vendor at a convention one day.  So when my friend Sam shared a tweet about Cozy Con, I was definitely interested.

In their own words on the website, CozyCon is an “online convention event that you can attend from home, or from any screen that has internet access!

They were accepting applications for vendors, and for events as well.  With a little bit of brainstorming, I settled on some ideas for events, and I sent in my applications.

I was accepted!   I’m up there on that page of vendors with a snazzy new banner, which you can now also see at the top of this website.

I’m gradually uploading lots of new stock to my Etsy store, so by the time the convention comes around there’ll be all sorts to browse through.  I’ll be running a 20% site wide sale from May 1st to May 4th, so it’s definitely a good time to come check me out.

Plus, I’m gonna be sending a free monster badge with every order.  So you’ll get a one of a kind piece of art that no one else in the world will ever have.  Something like these.  (I could also send you a keyring if you’d prefer.)

As well as being a vendor, I’m gonna run a couple of events too.  I don’t stream or anything, so I’m going to be running some competitions.  There’ll be an art contest, and a scavenger hunt.  Details about those will be going up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m very excited!


What is An Open Species?

One of the things I come across a lot in my many Pinterest browsing sessions is species guides.  Images that show how to draw hands/feet/eyes for certain species.  Sometimes those are for real things.  How to draw cat eyes, how to draw dog feet.  But often they’re invented species.

Some of these species have words like “closed species” and “open species” on them.  A little investigating told me that these mean whether or not the creator allows you to draw their species.  I’ve been considering creating a species guide for my little dome monsters, so more research was called for.

I found this range of species guides for a very cute creature called a Pacapillar.  There was no “closed” or “open” written on any of them, so I collected as many as I could and set down to draw,.

Some of the images were a little small and hard to see any detail, so I searched for the originals.  Which is when I found out that they were a closed species.

Pacapillars were invented by Toripng on Deviant Art.  They are a closed species, which means that if I want to draw one I have to purchase one in a sale or auction.  I’m gonna keep my eye out for those, but for now I need a new open species.

I searched Deviant Art for “open species” and found all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.  I settled on Banoodles.


Banoodles are a species by Kylohnn on Deviant Art.  The best thing about them?  They dispose of negative thoughts and emotions!  I need hundreds of them.

They’re also really fun to draw.  I didn’t see any information on body shape, so I started with a random curve.

2020-04-13 17.44.49

I added ears, and other appendages, picking from the reference sheet.

2020-04-13 17.53.01

The notes on the reference page gives specific instructions for colouring so, using Kylohnn’s drawings for inspiration, I inked and coloured my little Banoodle.

2020-04-13 18.11.13

And then, because they’re adorable and addictive, I did two more.

2020-04-13 18.39.08

Lesson learned in this post: just because it doesn’t say “open species” on it, does not mean that it’s okay to draw.  Always look for the original.


Mondo Mascots

In February my friend Cayden introduced me to a Twitter feed called Mondo Mascots.  The feed showcases some of the awesome mascots that exist in Japan (and occasionally other countries).

I scrolled through for about three minutes before I knew that I was going to draw some of these mascots.  And I have.  Starting with this one.

I mean, how could I not?  Look at that rainbow belly!  This guy also taught me a lesson about waiting long enough for the ink pen to dry before erasing pencil.  You may have seen me mention it on my Twitter feed.

The second one I did was this guy, because if you don’t laugh at the current situation you’ll go insane.

The next one I did was this pink giraffe.  I made the initial pink too dark, so the colours are all a bit off.  But still cute.

This next one just had to be drawn.  You may or may not have noticed, but I have a penchant for drawing monsters.

That’s actually the second version I did.  In this first one, I was so focused on leaving white space for his eye that I forgot about his teeth, tongue and badge.

2020-03-29 22.10.18

Finally, for this batch at least, is this fluffy little guy.