1000 Hands

As I’ve been improving my art skills, both digitally and traditionally, I’ve been drawing more and more actual humanoid figures as well as my little monsters.


And as I do more of them, I start to notice the things I struggle with most.  Eyes are okay, mostly, and I’m not too bothered with the noses.  But I really struggle with mouths, and hands.  Hands!

Like this… look at these monstrosities!


So a few weeks ago I decided that it would be a really good idea to draw 1000 hands.  I’m not sure why I decided this – I’m a bit of a looney.  But surely repetition of something would help.  Surely looking at the different ways other people draw hands would help.

I collected a few (hundred) reference images from Pinterest at varying levels of complexity, like these…


…and started drawing.

I’ve been drawing in batches mostly, occasionally following some tutorials. And so far I have 74 hands.



Just 926 to go!


Personality Color Palette

You might have noticed that I enjoy any excuse to do some art.  I like to collect prompts, and I like when palettes are presented to me.

So when I saw this tweet…


…I had to follow the link and get my Personality (according to Buzzfeed) Color Palette.

I ended up with the Summer Forest palette.  Which is a little ironic, considering I detest the summer.

2020-02-19 23.59.42

The description is fairly accurate though.  And the palette is lovely.

I ended up combining it with an @StudioTeaBreak challenge.


I did a watercolour piece of a happy narwhal playing with octopus and starfish friends.

2020-03-01 20.24.40-1

I like how it turned out.  It’s very cute.

Now, I must resist the urge to go collect seventy thousand more palettes from Buzzfeed.

Dreamcatcher Disaster

One of the things in my cupboard of projects to do/finish was this kit, purchased from The Works years ago.

2020-02-27 15.27.23

Inside was feathers, two types of cord, beads, a needle, a metal hoop, and a set of instructions.

2020-02-27 15.28.21

Well.  I say “instructions”.  I know it’s only a £1 kit, but they could have expanded the instructions a bit more.  For instance, how do I secure the wrapped suede-like cord around the metal hoop?  I went with some knots.  It would have been one, but the suede was in multiple too-short pieces.

The knots look clunky and messy, but I figured I’d camouflage those with some beads later.

2020-02-27 15.53.27

Next the webbing.  Again, the instructions weren’t clear.  Doing the knot that it looked like they were telling me to do was too loose.  The knot I ended up using wouldn’t sit in the right place.  How far apart should I space things?  Should I be pulling the thread taut, or leaving it loose?

I tried my best, but I got this far in and was very unhappy.

2020-02-27 16.06.57

If I’m not enjoying the actual crafting, I’m not gonna keep forcing myself to do it.  Especially for a £1 kit.  So I put it away.

I do still want to make a dreamcatcher, and I might use parts of this kit.  Maybe the feathers.  Definitely the loop.  I have pretty much everything that’s needed in my vast collection of craft supplies.  I’ll just need to find a proper tutorial.  But that’s for another day.

March Scrawlr Box

The March Scrawlr Box came with markers.

2020-03-23 09.10.40

I love markers.  And these ones are each three markers in one.

2020-03-21 12.46.06

Also inside the box was a liner pen, a pencil, an eraser, and a pad of marker paper.  Here’s the menu for more details.

The sticker has art from the featured artist, Hatch.  It’s not quite from the art on the print, but it’s in the same vein.  It’s adorable.

Step one: swatching.

2020-03-23 09.12.21

Second step: drawing the dome monster.  Actually, they’re an official species now.  Drawing the Domun.

2020-03-23 09.12.32

Note: I cheated a bit and used one of my existing markers for the floor.

Step c: random messing around.  Testing blending and layering and things.

2020-03-23 09.12.42

The pad doesn’t work well as a pad, the cover comes right off.  The paper is good though.  Of course it’s good – it’s Clairefontaine.  I don’t really enjoy marker paper, I prefer the mixed media paper I use or just thick smooth card stock.  Besides, one of the advantages of marker paper is that it’s bleedproof.  Which apparently is not entirely true.

The prompt for the month was “Imaginarium: a place dedicated to imagination”.  That’s such an awesome prompt, and looking back on I can think of seventy six million different things that would fit.  But at the time, right at the start of this whole lockdown madness in the UK, my imagination was kinda dead.  So I drew how I felt.

2020-03-23 13.23.43

I did cheat again and use a couple of extra markers, but I’m really happy with the colouring here.  The Tri-Blend markers certainly do what they say they do.  They make it easy to do shading and blending.  The pens are very large and unwieldy though, and they don’t fit in my marker case.  Still, 9 new colours is nothing to complain about.





Cozy Con is over, which is sad.  But there are winners to announce, which is good!

I ran two contests for the con.  First up was the Art Contest.  To enter this one, you had to draw a Domun from my species guide and share it with me.

There were about 20 entries, including some that completely blew my mind.  Like this 3D version by Greywulf.


And this beautiful, detailed one by my friend Nina.

I loved seeing my little Domuns come to life.  Y’all put me to shame with the amount of detail you put into them.  I need to up to game.

Thankfully, I did say in the original post that I was going to use a random generator to pick a winner – because there’s no way I could have picked a favourite.

The winner of this one is Greywulf.

The second contest I ran was the Scavenger Hunt.  For this one you had to find 9 of these little guys…


…and tell me what nine-letter word they spelled out.  The word was “Welcoming”, and I had 9 entries for this one.

Again I used a random generator to pick the winner for this one.  The winner is Carolina.

The winners have been contacted and will receive these awesome goody bags.



Animal Alphabets A-D

The new run of Animal Alphabets has begun!

It started a while ago actually, but I didn’t wanna do a blog post for every letter.  Which is just as well, because that first one really threw me for a loop and it took me forever to get started.

As I mentioned in my Just Sketching post, I’m doing these as sketches. Instead of fully inked and coloured pieces.

First up, as seen in the tweet, was an Afanc.  I’d never heard of one before, and when you image search it you get quite varied results.  So I wasn’t entirely sure what to draw.  I went with this.

Next up was a Brownie, which made me giggle thanks to my Girl Guiding history.  I did consider drawing a Guiding Brownie.  I also considered drawing a chocolate fudgy cake slice.  But I went with the intended one in the end.

C is for Cat Sidhe.  This was a fun one.  I may have used my black cat Fatty for reference.

Finally for this session is a Dryad.  After browsing Pinterest I had lots of good ideas for this one, but settled with this.

I’m pleased so far.  I’m tempted to redo the Brownie and the Dryad into full pieces.  Maybe one day.


Cozy Con is Here!

It’s here!  The first Cozy Con is this weekend.  It’s happening, people.

You should have already seen the two events that I’m running.  The art contest, and the scavenger hunt.  Two competitions that are so easy they’re practically giveaways.  Go check them out and enter to win a very cool (very customisable) goody bag.

But that’s not all!  I’m also running a massive sale on my Etsy store this weekend.  20% off absolutely everything.  And every order gets a free One Of A Kind Monster Badge or Keyring – just let me know in the comments which you’d like when you buy.


And that’s just me.  You should definitely absolutely go and check out all the other wonderful things happening.  You can find all the vendors here, and the events schedule here.

Some highlights I’m looking forward to are the Sing’N’Sketch stream by Squiggles, the Fursuit DJ set by DJ Fennec FVux, and the Crochet Guessing by Make Merri.

My good friend SamBeAwesome is also a registered vendor – she does all kinds of arty goodness, including commissions, stock photos, tutorials, books, prints and bases.  She’ll be streaming on Sunday – doing fun stuff with Crayola.

And make sure you enter the giveaway on the Cozy Con website to win free merch.

So yeah, lotsa stuff going on.  What are you getting up to this Cozy Con?