25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 22

I got a bit behind, didn’t I?  But I do have lots of blogs to write up.  I’ll begin with buttons.  I like buttons.  I collect them.  I have a lot of buttons.

I’ve made some button cards before…

But I am always finding ideas for new ones.  Here are some Christmas ideas I’ve collected.

And so for Day 22, I got my big box of buttons out.

Step 1: remove cat from big box of buttons.


Step 2: acquire blank cards.


Step 3: glue a red nose for a Rudolph.


Step 4: glue buttons for a Christmas tree.


Step 5: extract hair from artwork.


Step 6: glue several red buttons for robins.


Step 7: wait for pieces to dry fully and for the glue to go clear.


Step 8: practice the drawing of the robins.


Step 9: draw the robins on the card.


Step 10: draw the rest of Rudolph.


Step 11: admire your handiwork 🙂


25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 21

This one has been sitting in my to-do file for years.


It even comes with a printable template.


So I printed it off, and cut out a circle.  Then I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to make the folds, before I read the original picture and realised it should be a half-circle.  After that, I stuck my half-circle inside the folded template and made the creases.


But it looked a little odd.


The template says you can adjust the folds as desired, so I kept having more tries.

I just could not get it to work.  Then I went back and looked at the source image again and realised where I’d been going wrong.

Here’s the template again…


I assumed the first fold was the one on the far right, the second fold was the one in the middle and the third fold was the one on the left.  Like this…


I was wrong.  Fold 2 in that diagram is actually the first fold.  Then fold 1, then fold 3.


When I realised how easy it really was, I made some more.  Lots more.


At which point I forgot all about making a card with them, and got distracted putting them into nice patterns.

I might make cards out of them at some point.  I’ll show you if I do.


25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 20

This one took a little bit of thought and rethinking.  I started with this picture from my files…


I thought a Christmas tree would be easiest to do.  So, step one, I gathered up all my green books.


Step two – turn onto side and arrange by size.


Step three – stack them up.


Step four – realise that you don’t really have enough books of the right sizes.

Step five – go rooting on your bookshelf for other books that are the right size.


Step six – wrap the spines of these books in green papers.


Step seven – restack books.


Step eight – find a YouTube video for a 3D origami star.

(She’s very slow in that video, but essentially you fold both diagonals then horizontal then vertically in half.  Then you cut a little bit up the horizontal and vertical cuts and fold the corners into points, taping them to make them 3D)

Step nine – make the first half of a star.


Step ten – notice that even though in the video she didn’t say exactly where to cut, you assumed it was halfway, so you cut halfway to the centre on each side, and this turns out to be too far.


Step eleven – decide this paper was too thin anyway and switch to card, even though you only have white card.

Step twelve – unfold the yellow star and use as a template for cutting the white star in the right place.

Step thirteen – make white star.


Step fourteen – hold star on top of stack of books and realise it’s probably too big.

Step fifteen – carry on anyway and realise that you don’t know how to attach star.

Step sixteen – relocate stack of books to somewhere you can prop the star up.


Step seventeen – realise your books aren’t centred but be too tired to get up and adjust it.

Step eighteen – wonder if you have the right books to do the snowman and/or the reindeer too.