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These pendants come without chains, but you can add one for an extra £1.50.

If you see something you like that you’d prefer in a different colour, or any other alteration, just message me and we’ll arrange a custom order.

I can take payments through Paypal or through bank transfer.   If you’d like to order, please use the contact form on the right hand side of the page, and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

These pendants measure 3.75cm across and cost £4

2016-03-29 09.08.28-1
Item ref: PE0001
2016-03-29 09.09.21
Item ref: PE0002
2016-03-29 09.09.32
Item ref: PE0003
2016-03-29 09.09.40
Item ref: PE0004

These pendants measure 3.25cm across and cost £4

2016-03-29 09.07.11
Item ref: PE0005
2016-03-29 09.07.20
Item ref: PE0006
2016-03-29 09.07.46
Item ref: PE0007
2016-03-29 09.06.55
Item ref: PE0008

These pendants measure 3 x 4cm and cost £4

2016-03-29 09.08.53
Item ref: PE0009
2016-03-29 09.08.14
Item ref: PE00010
2016-03-29 09.06.35
Item ref: PE0011