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Making My Own Washi Tape

I like washi tape. I have a small collection – by which I mean that I have a HUGE collection. I use washi tape in packing my store orders. I use washi tape in my planner. I use washi tape in my art.

And one day I want to be able to justify ordering custom washi tapes with my own art. For now though, I’ll have to settle with trying this method I saw on Pinterest somewhere.

Step 1 – design art and print it in strips on sticker paper.

Step 2 – realise you borked up the resolution and admire your pixelated art work.

Step 3 – use highly dodgy and inaccurate trimmer to cut – because you forgot you have a Cricut which would have done perfect cuts.

Step 4 – take artsy photo and raise the saturation for social media.

Step 5 – wonder what the heck you did and why your pieces are different widths.

Step 6 – carry on regardless because this is just an experiment and your art is pixelated anyway.

Step 7 – attach all the strips with little bits of tape on the back. (Step 7a – ignore state of desk and post photo online anyway)

Step 8 – attach end of long strip to an old roll from some kind of mini tape.

Step 9 – roll.

Step 10 – put roll of washi tape down and watch it unravel because it is not actually a tape rather a long strip of sticker.

Step 11 – be super chuffed anyway and experiment with your new washi tape. Don’t forget to have your finger over the lens while taking photos.

Step 12 – never touch them again because it’s a lot of work for not-really washi tape, and resolve to get proper washi tape made with your art by the end of the year.

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