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My First Artists Alley

In just under 46 hours the doors open for the very first Basingstoke Comic Con. And at the same time a new adventure begins for Crafted by Colette.

I’ve wanted to table at a convention since before I was an artist. Since the first time I went to a convention – UK Games Expo. The moment I stepped foot in the vendors hall I knew that wanted to sell my mini alien creatures at a convention.

And then I became an artist and started selling products with my art online and my dream to sell at a convention became more fixed on my future plans list.

There were a lot of factors prohibiting me though. I have mobility issues, and fitness issues, and anxiety issues, and financial issues. I’m one big ball of issues. So it was going to be a long term dream that would probably never happen.

Until I found out that Basingstoke (the town I live in) is going to have its very first comic convention.

It presented the perfect opportunity. Not only is it in the same town as me, but it’s in the same part of town – approximately a two minute drive away. And it’s a small convention. Minuscule in terms of conventions I think. Whereas something like San Diego Comic Con has approximately 135,000 attendees, BCC is going to have a maximum of 2000.

So it’s close, and it’s small. A perfect first convention for me.

Well, I say small. In terms of conventions it’s small – but because I’ve only ever done school fairs it’s already about 5 times bigger than anything I’ve ever done. Not to mention 9 times longer. School fairs are usually 2-3 hours. This is 9 hours a day, three days in a row.

I’ve been prepping for this all year. I’ve been sorting out displays, and making prints, and making stickers, and making badges, and arranging help, and researching, and writing lots of lists and notes, and having lots of nightmares.

I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. And that’s before the thing even starts. But I’ve never felt so productive, or so positive. I’m absolutely terrified for this weekend, but I’m so excited too.

If you’re local, please come by and say hello! If you can’t make it, check out all the millions of stickers and badges I’ve added to the store recently. And keep an eye out for the prints that I’ll be adding next month too.

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