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Moving to Etsy

There are lots of changes afoot here at Crafted By Colette. I’m working on all sorts of things. Here’s just one of them.

I don’t make a huge amount of sales. Aside from the school fairs that I attend several times a year, most of my sales are friends and family. I’d love to fix that.

I was selling things here on the website but didn’t have a shop add on or anything, so it wasn’t very clear, or easy, or secure. And so after much research and comparing of fees and such, I have made the decision to move to Etsy.

My store name is CraftedByColetteShop – I’m not entirely sure whether I used CraftedByColette or someone else did.

I’ve picked a wonderful time to do it. There’s been an influx of new furniture and a reorganisation of old furniture in my house that isn’t quite going to plan and a lot of my stuff is in chaos. I plan to take proper pictures of my stock at some point soon, but that isn’t possible right now.

So for the moment there are just a few things on the Etsy store. Mini aliens, and Meeple keyrings, and Pokemon badges and dragonscale dice bags.

There will be more things added gradually, so go check it out and save it as a favourite shop to get updates. While you’re there, use BLOG10 to get 10% off your order 🙂

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, to see my random rambles (including lots of cat pictures), to get more offers and to join in on giveaways. You can also see more of my art on my Deviant Art page.

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