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National Doodle Day – The Results

National Doodle Day was a huge success.

They raised a huge amount of money for Epilepsy Action.

And on top of that I had two personal victories. Firstly, they used my art in their collage image when announcing the live auction. (I’m the one on the top left corner).

And secondly, people actually bid on my art! There were a LOT of art pieces and I did see a few in the end that hadn’t had any bits. That was one of my fears.

But not only was there a bid, but there was a bidding war. Well, more of a bidding skermish. If you look at the bidding times, the final bid was in the last few seconds of the auction. Sniped!

Thank you so much to whoever bid! I’m so pleased I could help raise money for charity. Enjoy the monsters!

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