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A place for me to ramble about my art and crafting exploits.

State of the Site


It has been a while (ahem, 7 months) since my last blog post and for that I apologise.  Things have been a bit rough for me personally and emotionally this year, and I quite often struggle to deal with things like that.  I act a little bit like an ostrich.  I stick my head in the metaphorical ground and ignore things.  I dive deep into my crafting and my nerdiness and forget all about things like leaving the house, and keeping up to date with blogs.

But, I love this blog.  I love this store.  And I want to try my hardest to make it something successful, so I am making a concerted effort (with frequent reminders from friends) to work on it.

If I still have any readers, then I hope you will forgive me for my absence and stick with me.  I have lots of exciting things coming up.  New products to put on the store, guest blog posts, lots of crafting delights and disasters, even one or two haul posts.

Thank you for your patience, and to show how much I love you all here are some pictures of my kitties getting in the way of my crafting.

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