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Choosing Colours with Colormind

One of the things that tends to stump me when I’m doing an art piece is the colour palette.  So I’m always interested in resources that help.  I can’t remember where I found out about it, but for a while now I’ve been using a site called Colormind.  It is, as the site itself says.. “a color scheme generator that uses deep learning.”

When you go to the homepage you get a fairly simple interface, with a colour scheme already there.  You can click “Generate” to select a new one.

2019-02-20 14.39.26

You can click on an individual colour and adjust it.

2019-02-28 21.40.42

You can lock a colour to remain in the next set when you generate.

You can move a colour to a different position in the palette.

2019-02-28 21.41.41

You can give the generator perameters to start with too, like picking and locking the first colour, the first and last colours, and so on.

There are other functions, like seeing the palette applied to a landing page..

..and extracting palettes from images…

…but I mostly use it for generating random palettes.

2019-02-20 14.39.34

And then of course the next step is swatch my markers.  I like to pick a darker shade for each colour as well, for adding shading.

2019-02-20 14.54.31

In this case I ended up with a mix of brands, nearly all the brands I own actually.

2019-02-20 14.54.49

And when I apply to a drawing, I end up with a colour scheme.  Simple 🙂

2019-02-20 16.02.59




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