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Make Up Palette as a Palette

One of the people I follow on Instagram is YouTuber SimplyNailogical. As well as posting about her Holo Taco polish range, her occasional attempts at nail art, her cats, her tea, her oats, her boyfriend Ben etc etc, she sometimes shows what packages she gets in the mail from other YouTubers and such.

Way back in August she showed this gorgeous make up palette from Elf Cosmetics, and because I’m me, I instantly saw a rainbow colour palette to use for art.

I used a Shape Challenge as inspiration…

…And ended up with this fluffy beast.

I’m so happy with it. I had lots of fun using different brushes and tools (and pre-loaded backgrounds) on the app that I use to draw – which is Ibis X, if you’re curious.

One response to “Make Up Palette as a Palette”

  1. […] This guy was created when I decided to use a screenshot of a make up palette as a colour palette. […]


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