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Shape Challenges

I haven’t shown you all my shape challenges recently. They’ve cropped up in a few blog posts, but it’s time for a round up.

This one was just me messing around with markers I think.

I’m not sure why, but this one screamed to be a bit different. I really like how it turned out. Look at that rainbow gradient.

I combined two shapes, and a three marker challenge, for this one.

Here’s another watercolour one. With more rainbows. Obviously.

This sparkly bird creature was for a Colour Collective challenge.

This very weird fish thing was from my Synesthesia blog.

This one wasn’t really the sort of shape I usually save to do, but for some reason I saw a gerbil/guinea pig style monster. And I went a little overboard with the rainbows.

I love that guy so much I’m selling prints and stickers of him on my store.

This one was from my “Sharpie” Challenge.

This one was for a blog where I used Crayola Super Tips, that I haven’t actually written yet.

These two are both for a series that I also haven’t written yet.

This one is from a series that I actually have written and scheduled. In fact, the series started a coupla weeks ago.

This guy was created when I decided to use a screenshot of a make up palette as a colour palette.

And this lovely lady was from the September Scrawlr Box.

I love these shape challenges. They’re posted on the Studio Tea Break twitter channel twice a week. I enjoy seeing what people do with them, but I rarely post mine in a timely fashion. I tend to save them up for inspiration when I did ideas. As you can see.

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