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Zentangle Collab

Last year I wrote a blog post calling all doodlers to join me in doing a Zentangle collaboration piece.

I drew a framework…

… with the intention that myself and three other artists would each take a corner and fill it with Zentangles or doodles.

I’d then recompile the four corners and we’d have a great collaboration piece.

I had the top left corner:

My friend Kat (mentioned in the first blog) did the bottom right corner:

My friend Nina (who’s done a whole bunch of art collabs with me) did the bottom left corner:

And then… and then I had trouble finding a fourth collaborator. Lots of trouble. I don’t have the widest audience. I did get one person, who mistakenly thought I was offering a paid job.

Eventually I found Stella. Well, Stella found me. And she did the top right corner.

I could finally compile our collaboration. And here it is!

And here it is slightly smaller, with more opacity and everyone’s socials.

And here it is after Stella had some fun colouring it in.

I had fun doing this. I like doing collabs with people.

If you’d be interested in another zentangle collab, or any other type of collab, just let me know!

Be sure to check everyone out.

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