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Another Line Art Swap

In October, my friend Nina helped me complete a goal and did a line art swap with me.  When I showed you what she did with my line art a couple of weeks ago I teased that there might be another swap for Christmas.

We decided that once again we’d draw each other’s characters, in a seasonal outfit.  This time we settled on a chibi style – because I’m kinda into drawing chibi at the moment.

I put her character Marie into a little elf-style outfit.  I do love stripes.  Once again, it was really hard to resist actually colouring it.

2019-12-09 19.15.07

And she drew my character Katerina running with a mug of drink, which seems awfully risky to me.  But Katerina is a wild thing.  Just look at those pompoms!  They’re so cute!

2019-12-13 20.21.21

I coloured her with alcohol markers.  I was using a card I’d never used before, so I printed two onto the page in case I messed up the first one.  Luckily I did, because right as I finished one of my cats came in from the rain and walked muddy paw prints over the spare one.

2019-12-17 14.52.45

2019-12-17 14.52.41

2019-12-17 23.49.18

I’m so pleased with her.  Don’t ask me what she’s drinking, I have no idea.  It could be anything.

Here’s what Nina did with my line art.  It’s one of her first alcohol marker pieces.  Isn’t it brilliant?

2019-12-20 16.42.01

Should Nina and I keep doing line art swaps?  Maybe a Valentines one?  A St Patrick’s day one?  Any other ideas?


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